Get Perfect Head Shots

The problem with professionally taken head shots like actor head shots and corporate head shots is that the object doesn’t have much control; the photographers give out instructions to follow, which oftentimes can be quite intimidating and confusing. The worse thing is that these photos are taken with the goal of creating a good impression, so the pressure is definitely on! It truly is quite awful when the shots turn out looking all sorts of funny and awkward. Pros can’t risk the displeasure and dissatisfaction of clients, which is why they have decided to share helpful tips so the photos will look impressive and completely appropriate. Check out what expert photographers say about this.

It’s always good to start out knowing that you’re properly made up; the right hair, the right make-up, the right clothes – these can provide a strong confidence boost. Do some facial exercises to relax those facial muscles – with relaxed facial muscles, smiles come easier and look more natural. Rotate the neck and shoulders as well, which at times tend to look stiff in head shots.

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly before posing. The release never fails to relax the muscles so a more comfortable expression is created. Practice the three-quarter profile shot because it’s often the most attractive and frequently used for photo displays. Corporate photos are typically taken in this particular shot.

Think of pleasant things so the eyes would look “alive.” The eyes should be able to smile on their own. A trick to help you achieve this is to look down first before looking straight into the camera. If the photo shoot will allow for several shots, try different facial expressions – smile, don’t smile, look serious, look fun. One of them will likely look naturally attractive.