Producing Unique and Special Photographs

Understanding the Light:
In order to understand the trick photography and use of special effects that can be incorporated into a photograph, you should know the potential your camera and most importantly understand the light and its impact on the photographs. We all know that no photographer under the sun can take photographs in utter darkness. Though understanding light is the most difficult part of photography, it is the most important as well.

Creating the Right Mood:
Once you understand the light and its impact on a photograph, you will be able to create the right mood out of your subject using the right lighting effects. All great photographers are the ones who have captured the photos when mood right. You have to understand that the light can be harsh, soft or cool and you have to make use of the right lighting effect to make your picture look alive.

Trick Photography Techniques – Light Paintings or Drawings:
Just as we use different kind of illumination such as back lit, side lit, etc to get the desired texture, light paintings or drawings are taken by manipulating the source of light which in turn produces different effects. This all may seem easy to read but is difficult to master. Once you master this technique, you can take pictures that are unbelievably awesome and brilliantly deceptive. As a starter you might want to take pictures of the people drawing their names in the dark using a light and then slowly become creative.

Understand The True Potential Of Your Camera:
People who understand the true potential of their camera often take better pictures than others. Understanding you camera includes knowing the shutter speed of the camera and controlling it. The shutter speed determines how much light that you are letting in while capturing a photo. You should also understand the function of the aperture which controls the width of the hole in the lens. Using aperture if you are able to let the right amount of light into the sensor, you are bound to get a good result.